Get Your Favorite Books on your phone/tablet For FREE!

Manahyl M Ilyas
3 min readMay 20, 2021

A bookworm? Want to read unlimited but broke on money? Worry no more because your girl gotcha!

So without wasting any time; let’s dive right into it.

Below I’ve written step by step instructions on how to get unlimited supply of your favorite eBooks from anywhere in the world.

Download Google Playbooks App from Playstore/Appstore

So you tell me you’re a bookwork and you still don’t have playbooks on your phone? Don’t worry bestie I am not judging! This is not sponsored (I wish it was) so believe me when I say Playbooks is the most incredible, convenient, easy-to-use and FREE reading app. Download it right now!

Okay it’s pretty easy when you CAN actually download playbooks but did I tell you that it is not available in some countries? Sorry my bad. So in countries that don’t have access to play books, you would have to download a VPN (relax it’s a one-time thing and you can delete the VPN afterwards) Once downloaded, you can login with your Google ID.

Okay so now that we’re all on the same page, let’s move to the next step


This site is closest to heaven on Earth, trust me on this. It has 97% of all the books that were ever published. Whether your favorites are classical romance of 1800s or whimsical Sci-Fi of 1920s, crazy emotional rollercoasters or sweet rom-coms, this website has you covered.

Although it’s better if you create an account (it’s FREE to) you would do good without it too.

Now how to get books from Z-library? Easy peasy!

Open the website and search for your favorite book. It will probably show multiple copies in different languages. Choose you preferred copy and open it. Now you can get a bit of information about the book. (author, publisher, reviews, ratings etc.) Right there you would see the download option, from there you can also choose the format in which you want your book (Epub, Pdf, Mobi, txt, rtf and fb2) Now if you ask me, Epub is the most convenient. But considering it’s you who has to read the book for hours without break, I’d say you can choose for yourself better.

Now once your download is complete (relax it hardly takes 30 seconds!) and you open it you would see an option somewhere on your screen (sorry not a technology expert ;D) that states open with, a variety of apps from your phone would appear to choose from. And now that you have downloaded Google Playbooks it would be visible in the list. (Unless you ain’t wearing your reading glasses ;p)

Choose google playbooks to open the downloaded Epub and it will automatically uploading on the app. Once it’s successfully uploaded, you would have to recommend this article to 63 friends and write a detailed feedback about this article that opened the doors of heaven for you. Lol relax I’m joking! (But you can still do that if you want to make me super happy).

Once it’s uploaded, TADAAA you have your favorite eBook on the palm of your hand for FREE!

Why are you still here bestie? Go read your favorite book and recommend some to me on my email too!: (My favorite trope is enemies to lovers ;p)